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Photography and Filmmaking




Packages start at $500 for personal items, antique automobiles, farm equipment, automobiles, and aircraft.  Residential and corporate locations start at $700. 



Packages start at $200 which includes five color graded and retouched photos.*



Packages start at $100 for five color graded and retouched photos shot in studio.  A travel fee will be added if shot at your location.*



Packages start at $250 including five color graded and retouched photos. Professional makeup artists can be available at an additional charge.*



Packages start at $350.


*$5.00 for each additional color graded and retouched photo. You own the rights to each photo purchased. No photo will be published online or in print by Tom without your written permission. 






Looking for a film director? Tom has directed a number of documentary films, features, shorts and web series.  As a director, he will work with you from pre-production through post.



Tom has written and/or co-written dozens of screenplays for television pilots, films, and documentaries.  



The A.D. keeps things going on time and within budget.  He or she works closely with the film's director and cinematographer. Tom has worked as an A.D. on feature films, shorts, and TV pilots.  




"Tom's genuineness, tenacity and good nature comes through on first impressions. A great guy to be around, the utmost professional in his craft, he knows his business. I have had the pleasure of working with Tom on three productions, his skills as Director, 1st A.D. and Cinematographer are exemplary. Together with his cool temper he brings an excellence to the production, gets everyone giving that extra oomph!"

- Tommie Grabiec (Actor)



"I recently had the privilege to work with Tom Dallis on a SAG short film in Cincinnati, and bringing him on board as 1st A.D. was quite possibly the best decision we made during the entire process.  Tom is so knowledgeable and versed in the realm of filmmaking.  He kept us on schedule, was so extremely organized, and made this short film the sucessthat it was.  I'm so thankful to have had his partnership, expertise and insight and I look forward to any opportunity that allows me to work alongside him again.  Thank you, Tom!!!"

- Abi Esmena (Director)


"I consider Tom to be an extremely talented director who has both the technical savvy and the people management capabilities to bring any feature film to a quality fruition.  Tom's affirming style, when dealing with actors and crew at any level, allows him to get the most from his professionals while keeping the production on track.  I would consider his style to be similar to Ron Howard's. with an astute industry experience that brings a goodly directional depth of vision, creativity, and story integrity assurance. As an actor who has worked with Tom in the past, I would welcome, unequivocally, the chance to be on set with him again."


- Dave Gaylor (Actor)

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"Tom Dallis is truly easy to work with. As 1st A.D. he takes the time to sit down with you, to cover all scenes that need to be made on each day.  He has a very warm, calm demeanor on set that will make your filming experience feel smooth and successful. . .  If you need a very knowledgeable A.D. that will, help make your set experience run smooth then do not hesitate to ask Tom Dallis.  You will not be disappointed."


Christopher Maggard (Director)

Rosa Leigh

"(Tom's)  experience is invaluable.  He is organized and helps lead the team with both kindness and indispensable experience and expertise.  Tom is a joy to work with and if its my choice I would never start another project without him on board!"


Crystal Doyle (Producer)


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